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    Why are the buses not on time?

    today - Transportation Center A group of Bachelor’s students studied data from the public transport provider of the Canton of Fribourg to try to understand the causes of delays. They also propose some concrete solutions.

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    Book "Indian skilled migration and development: to Europe and back"

    today - Cooperation This new book provides empirical evidence on diaspora interventions and return migration in the Indian context and suggests policy options for the home and host countries.

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    New book on Smart Specialisation by Prof. Dominique Foray

    today - CDM | Management of Technology A new book has been published on "Smart Specialisation", a concept developed by Prof. Dominique Foray and adopted by the EU as a regional political instrument.

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    Hugo Dil receives Heinrich Rohrer Medal

    today - SB | Basic Sciences Hugo Dil has been awarded the Heinrich Rohrer Medal by the Surface Science Society of Japan.

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    A new synthetic amino acid for an emerging class of drugs

    today - Mediacom EPFL scientists have developed a new amino acid that can be used to modify the 3D structure of therapeutic peptides. Insertion of the amino acid into bioactive peptides enhanced their binding affinity up to 40-fold. Peptides with the new amino acid could potentially become a new class of therapeutics.

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    Memory in silent neurons

    yesterday - NCCR-Synapsy The team led by Anthony Holtmaat, professor at UNIGE and member of the NCCR Synapsy, was able to demonstrate that the sensory stimulus alone can generate long-term synaptic. Their research on this memory of silent neurons can be found in "Nature".

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    Leclanche and EPFL innovate to store solar energy

    yesterday - Mediacom A research project conducted by Leclanché S.A., the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Romande Energie and with the financial support of the Canton of Vaud could bring a real added value in the development of renewable energies.

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    Victor Panaretos selected as Young Scientist by World Economic Forum

    yesterday - SB | Basic Sciences Victor Panaretos has been selected as one of the “40 extraordinary scientists under the age of 40” in the 2014 World Economic Forum.

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    A new Post-Doc joins the Ceat

    31.08.14 - Urban and Regional Planning Community Mariano Bonriposi joined the CEAT the first of July of the current year as postdoctoral research associate.

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    LIS releases RoboGen™ open source platform for evolutionary robotics

    29.08.14 - Laboratory of Intelligent Systems The Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL has publicly released RoboGen™: an open source software and hardware platform for the co-evolution of robot bodies and brains.

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