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    In the Face of Stress, Flies Unite

    24.12.14 - Mediacom Fruit flies respond more effectively to danger when in a group. A research team from EPFL and UNIL discovered this behavior as well as the neural circuits which relay this information, opening a new field of research. An article on the findings is being published today in Nature.

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    Top 1 Paper in Computers & Geotechnics Journal

    24.12.14 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory Computers and Geotechnics Journal has awarded one of the paper of Prof. L. Laloui and Dr. M. Nuth.

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    International Conference on Passive Low Energy Architecture 2014

    23.12.14 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies The 30th edition of the International Conference on Passive Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) was held in Ahmedabad, India, from 16th to 18th November 2014. On this occasion, the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST) presented four articles concerning research on the integration of sustainability criteria into the design process.

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    How electrons split: new evidence of exotic behaviors

    23.12.14 - SB | Basic Sciences A study led by EPFL has shown for the first time that electrons split into electrical charge and magnetic moment in a two-dimensional model. The discovery marks a new understanding in the discovery of exotic materials such as high-temperature superconductors.

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    Publication "From Spatial Development to Detail"

    23.12.14 - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Synthesizing multiples issues related to sustainable architecture, Prof. Emmanuel Rey, head of the Laboratoire d'architecture et technologies durables (LAST), pusblis an essay by Quart Publishers. Available in French, German and English, this publication explains different concrete and innovative ways of taking sustainability into account in architectural production.

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    EPFL wishes you a year filled with successful connections

    23.12.14 - Mediacom Merry Christmas and a happy 2015!

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    Towards a new diagnostic tool for autism and schizophrenia

    22.12.14 - NCCR-Synapsy Professor Draganski’s team analysed brains from people at risk of developing autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia. This led to the discovery of a potential biomarker for preclinical use.

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    Aqueous vertical ionization of organics

    22.12.14 - Environmental Chemistry Modeling Laboratory Computations allow the interpretation of aqueous microjet photoelectron spectroscopy experiments.

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    2014 – Science That Made Headlines (1)

    22.12.14 - Mediacom This year a great deal of research done at EPFL made the headlines in newspapers. Here are a few that marked the first 4 months of the year.

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    New Doctoral Student

    19.12.14 - Laboratory of Ultrafast Spectroscopy Welcome to Janina Löffler

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