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    Hugo Dil receives Heinrich Rohrer Medal

    today - SB | Basic Sciences Hugo Dil has been awarded the Heinrich Rohrer Medal by the Surface Science Society of Japan.

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    A new synthetic amino acid for an emerging class of drugs

    today - Mediacom EPFL scientists have developed a new amino acid that can be used to modify the 3D structure of therapeutic peptides. Insertion of the amino acid into bioactive peptides enhanced their binding affinity up to 40-fold. Peptides with the new amino acid could potentially become a new class of therapeutics.

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    Memory in silent neurons

    yesterday - NCCR-Synapsy The team led by Anthony Holtmaat, professor at UNIGE and member of the NCCR Synapsy, was able to demonstrate that the sensory stimulus alone can generate long-term synaptic. Their research on this memory of silent neurons can be found in "Nature".

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    Leclanche and EPFL innovate to store solar energy

    yesterday - Mediacom A research project conducted by Leclanché S.A., the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Romande Energie and with the financial support of the Canton of Vaud could bring a real added value in the development of renewable energies.

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    Victor Panaretos selected as Young Scientist by World Economic Forum

    yesterday - SB | Basic Sciences Victor Panaretos has been selected as one of the “40 extraordinary scientists under the age of 40” in the 2014 World Economic Forum.

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    A new Post-Doc joins the Ceat

    31.08.14 - Urban and Regional Planning Community Mariano Bonriposi joined the CEAT the first of July of the current year as postdoctoral research associate.

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    LIS releases RoboGen™ open source platform for evolutionary robotics

    29.08.14 - Laboratory of Intelligent Systems The Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL has publicly released RoboGen™: an open source software and hardware platform for the co-evolution of robot bodies and brains.

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    Two EPFL mathematicians elected members of the Academia Europaea

    29.08.14 - SB | Basic Sciences The School of Basic Sciences is pleased to report on the election of János Pach and Alfio Quarteroni -along with 11 other distinguished mathematicians- to the Academia Europaea during its annual plenary conference on July 18 in Barcelona.

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    "Protecting privacy also means preserving democracy"

    29.08.14 - IC | Computer and Communication Sciences What impact does the proliferation of new mobile technologies have? How does the sharing of personal data over the Internet threaten our society? Interview with Professor Jean-Pierre Hubaux, a specialist in communication networks and privacy protection, a major field of IT security.

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    Effectiveness of multisensory teaching methods demonstrated

    28.08.14 - NCCR-Synapsy The research team lead by Micah Murray, project leader of the NCCR Synapsy and professor at the University of Lausanne, has shown that your memory abilities can be predicted by how easily you put together auditory and visual information.

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