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    Keynote talk to be given by Prof. Daniel Kuhn

    today - Risk Analytics and Optimization Chair Prof. Daniel Kuhn was invited to deliver a plenary lecture at the 22nd International Symposium on Mathematical Programming (ISMP), which will be held July 12-17, 2015, in Pittsburgh, PA.

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    EPFL students connect to the internet-of-things (IoT)

    today - IEEE Student Branch 09.12.2014 - IEEE student branch and Robopoly organized the first of its kind workshop on the topic of IoT at EPFL, in which the participants had a hands on experience of developing applications for the internet-of-things (IoT)

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    2014 – HATTRICK by Johan Chang

    today - Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism LQM member Johan Chang was among the four EPFL researchers being awarded an SNSF Starting Grant. This completes an impressive hattrick that started by the award of a SNF professorship and the appointment as a tenure track professor at the university of Zürich – all within just one year.

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    Electron spin could be the key to high-temperature superconductivity

    today - Mediacom EPFL scientists take a significant step in our understanding of superconductivity by studying the strange quantum events in a unique superconducting material.

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    Middleware 2014 and 10-Years Best Paper Award for Rachid Guerraoui

    yesterday - IC - Prizes & Awards Professor Rachid Guerraoui earns two awards at Middleware: the Middleware Best Paper Award 2014 and the Middleware 10-Years Best Paper Award.

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    Computer Journal Wilkes Award for Serge Vaudenay

    yesterday - IC - Prizes & Awards Professor Serge Vaudenay won the Computer Journal Wilkes Award 2014.

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    Building a new nanowire for solar cells

    yesterday - SB | Basic Sciences EPFL scientists have been able to make the first-ever nanowires from a “superstar” material that could greatly improve the efficiency of solar cells.

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    Record Investment in EPFL Start-ups

    yesterday - Mediacom EPFL start-ups have raised private capital exceeding 220 million Swiss francs in 2014, which is twice the amount of the previous year. The number of young companies created also doubled.

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    Controllable coherent perfect absorption

    16.12.14 - Nanophotonics and Metrology We exploit the versatility provided by metal–dielectric composites to demonstrate controllable coherent perfect absorption (CPA) or anti-lasing in a slab of heterogeneous medium. The slab is illuminated by coherent light from both sides, at the same angle of incidence and the conditions required for CPA are investigated as a function of the different system parameters. Our calculations clearly elucidate the role of absorption as a necessary prerequisite for CPA. We further demonstrate the controllability of the CPA frequency to the extent of having the same at two distinct frequencies even in presence of dispersion, rendering the realization of anti-lasers more flexible.

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    Making the invisible visible!

    16.12.14 - Nanophotonics and Metrology We investigate the mediation of symmetry-forbidden atomic transitions using plasmonic nanostructures. We show that the excitation of the electric dipole-forbidden, quadrupole-allowed 62S1/2−52D5/2 transition in cesium may be enhanced by more than 6 orders of magnitude in the intense, inhomogeneous near field of a plasmonic nanoantenna. Using optical reciprocity, the enhancement can be understood to apply to spontaneous emission as well, allowing the fast and efficient optical detection of excited atoms.

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