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27.06.14 - Bilan magazine publishes an important issue on the arrival of women to high-ranking positions. A number of pages deal with the world of technology. The initiatives taken by EPFL's Equal Opportunities Office are given as examples and so is the career of Marilyne Andersen, Dean of the faculty ENAC and head of the laboratory LIPID.

Switzerland holds the sad record of being amongst the countries that are least favorable to women at work. Yet we need girls to overcome the shortage of engineers. It is the reason why EPFL has launched seduction operations.

Since 2003, the Equal Opportunities office has developed programs for the 7 – 13 years old. The objective is not only to train children and preteens, but also to educate teachers and parents. It will, however, take at least a generation to see the results of the work undertaken.

The doors at EPFL are wide open to girls!