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28.01.13 - The former Swiss Laser Net (SLN) has become Swissphotonics

The former SwissLaserNet, (SLN) has become Swissphotonics and is now officially one of the 8 Swiss National Thematic Networks (NTN). Its function is to serve as a network for a common vision and growth of the photonics industry. The national thematic networks help to form contacts between businesses and public research institutes. Each NTN deals with a different area of innovation which is of importance to the Swiss economy. Following a multi-stage assessment procedure in 2012, eight national thematic net-works were recognised by the CTI: ‘Carbon Composites Switzerland', ‘Inartis', ‘Inno-vative Surfaces', ‘Swiss Biotech', ‘Swiss Food Research', ‘Swiss Wood Innovation Network', ‘Swissphotonics' and ‘Logistics Network Association'. These networks will begin their work in January 2013. In February (2nd-7th), Swissphotonics will be present at Photonics West in San Franscisco (Booth # 611).



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