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04.04.12 - The impact of Complex Fenestration Systems (CFS) can now be visualised for different sky types thanks to the user-friendly software GERONIMO. This software was developed by researchers of the EPFL Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB) in response to the growing importance of advanced daylighting systems in architecture.

Since the high value of daylight in terms of health and energy savings was recognised, researchers have developed increasingly advanced façade and fenestration systems that allow maximum use of daylight while excluding discomfort glare and overheating. Years of research carried out at the LESO-PB in this field led to the development of a novel bidirectional reflection and transmission goniophotometer able to characterize the bi-directional light transmission properties of Complex Fenestration Systems. Manufacturers now use the "Bidirectional Transmission Distribution Function" (BTDF) monitored by means of such goniophotometers to indicate the characteristics of their fenestration systems. Based on these BTDF values, the GERONIMO software allows lighting designers and architects to visualise the impact of advanced fenestration systems within their projects, which should facilitate and promote their implementation.

GERONIMO 1.0 can be downloaded free of charge from the LESO-PB Website. The software's CFS simulation procedure is also integrated in the commercial software Relux Suite (Pro).

Author:Barbara SmithSource:Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory