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Bike to work June 2014

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02.06.14 - Clear your mind: “Bike to work” during the month of June!

Did you know that a trip by bicycle costs 20 times less that the same trip by car? Cycling is also pollution-free, is good for your health, your mind and nature. A month of cycling is a month of freedom! So don't hesitate and take part in EPFL's Bike to Work campaign! For the ninth year in a row, EPFL prompts you to join the 50,000 participants and 1,600 companies in Switzerland who took part in 2013, covering 7,227,661 km and saving more than 1,000 tons of CO2. No less!

There are a number of attractive prizes to be won for participants who meet the goal. Prizes will be handed out during the closing lunch 1st of July:
1) 4 bikes given by EPFL (electric bike, city bike, mountain bike and foldable bike), by draw
2) “After effort comes comfort…”. An additional prize, the “Comfort Pack by Switcher” for the team who covered the greatest distance.
3) Attractive prizes at a national level for a total value of CHF 100,000.-

To join in, nothing is easier:
Form your team and register it on
4) All employees and students can take part in the campaign
5) One team is made of 4 people with one team leader
6) The team leaders register their team on the website, in the EPFL category
7) Those who do not find a team register with the coordinator who forms the teams
8) During the launch aperitif on June 3, you will have the opportunity to bring your bike for a complete check-up. Your safety and your bike's soundness are essential to an enjoyable trip!

Pedal away and enter the data regularly in the calendar
9) Goal: that each participant rides his or her bike at least every other day
10) One person in each team may walk or rollerblade to EPFL
11) Of course, electric bikes are allowed!
12) Part of the trip can be made by public transport

Don't forget to enter the days you rode to work and number of kilometers in the online calendar (deadline: June 30 2014)

Registration deadline: June 3 on

EPFL coordination: Sustainable Campus, Philippe Vollichard,

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